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In the Bulletin Enfance et Sainteté n° 22 April 25th 1990, Father Daniel Ols, o.p., Postulator for Anne’s cause at that time, exhorted the faithful to seek with confidence the intercession of the new Venerable in order to obtain the miracle necessary for her beatification. This appeal remains urgent for us today.

The Postulator’s Appeal: we need a miracle now!

We can read in the Osservatore Romano of March 5th 1990, that the day before, on Saturday March 3rd ,the decree recognising the heroicity of the virtues of the Servant of God, Anne de Guigné, had been promulgated in the presence of the Holy Father.

A very important step has just been taken towards the beatification of our little Anne and the joy which this event causes for us results in a thanksgiving prayer to Almighty God who has allowed the Cause to reach this decisive point in such a short time.

But we must also thank those who by their prayers, their testimonies, their material help have permitted the progress of the Cause: the Bishop of Annecy and, especially, the members of the Association of Anne de Guigné’s Friends.



And we have a great debt of gratitude to Mlle de Tryon-Montalembert (+2007) who not only undertook the hard work of writing the Positio but also, with an untiring devotion, continued to work in favour of the Cause.

We are, however, only half-way along the road. In order to proceed to the beatification, the Church asks, with wisdom, for what might seem to be a divine confirmation of the judgement of men: a miracle. It is in this direction, henceforth, that we must concentrate our efforts and our prayers. We must seek Anne’s intercession; all the facts that could be miraculous must be communicated to me. I have the hope that soon the Lord will deign to manifest his approval of the beatification of the new Venerable but we must ask him for it with perseverance and confidence: our century needs so desperately the example of saintliness that Anne de Guigné can provide!


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