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Prayer to demand the beatification of the Venerable Anne de Guigné
“God has chosen the weak things in the world to put to shame the things which are mighty”
(1 Cor 1, 27b)

Thank you, Jesus, for having given to us Anne de Guigné! On seeing her, we think of the Child in the Gospel whom you gave as an example to your disciples. Little educator of children, conquering by her purity and her goodness, she encourages adults also on the path to saintliness. In order that she should be declared blessed and be able to radiate your love even more widely, please grant us by her intercession grace for N...... Thank you, Jesus.


Imprimatur: Nice March 31st 2011
Louis Sankalé, Bishop of Nice


Novena for requesting
the glorification of
Anne de Guigné


O God, we thank you for the spiritual graces that you have been pleased to bestow upon your little Servant Anne de Guigné, and we beseech you, for your glory and our salvation, to deign to glorify this child who only lived for you on this earth, and to grant us by her intercession …... if that is in accordance with your holy will.




Imprimatur: Paris April 10th 1972
E. Berrar, episcopal vicar