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The first article about Anne de Guigné was written by Father Bernadot, o.p., a short time after her death on January 14th 1922. He considered her to be a true saint and was going to write about her life himself, but being too taken up by his various activities, he entrusted the task to one of his friends, Father Lajeunie. This booklet, published deliberately without any great publicity, was a surprising success. More than 100,000 copies were sold and spontaneously translated into Italian, German, English, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Chinese and Singhalese.


From that time on, countless letters arrived showing that catholics had complete confidence in their “little saint”. Many pilgrims came to pray on her grave in Annecy-le-Vieux and in the room where she died in Cannes.


Confronted with these spontaneous manifestations and having received the sign from heaven he had asked for, the Bishop of Annecy started the procedure for canonization on January 21st 1932. The Postulator appointed to defend the cause encountered a major difficulty however. Up until this time, the Church had never set in motion the cause of a child by reason of his or her virtues – only martyrdom had been recognised. Theological research was carried out in Rome on this question and interrupted during the war. This research was finished in 1981 and its conclusions were entirely positive.

The procedure was then able to continue normally and the decree recognising the “heroic virtues” of Anne de Guigné was made official on March 3rd 1990.