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The entire history of Anne de Guigné is an illustration of God’s intervention to support the budding liberty and efforts of a very young little girl who was responding by prayer and sacrifice to the Grace which was being offered to her.


Prayer and sacrifice! Prayer can be accepted by those who admit that “if God does not exist, he should be invented”! But sacrifice1 is a word often banished from our vocabulary because it is associated with bullying, repression, masochism… a word at the opposite extreme of the materialistic pleasure which takes the place of religion and the charms of childhood which have blinded us to the point of confusing its weakness and its innocence.

Of course, a child must be protected because he is weak and defenceless in this hard world; but he must be educated because he is not innocent, because all the roots of evil, cruelty, egoism, jealousy and laziness are in him and the best possible education will dominate these bad tendancies to the best of its ability but it will not eradicate them.

Education implies efforts of willpower and renunciation which are many small sufferings which are only applied to oneself.

For these renunciations willingly consented to, to become sacrifices, one must transform the gestures applied to oneself into offerings, into sacred gstures, that is to say, give them the dimension which only love can give. We are no longer in the same state of mind. It is no longer a question of suffering to be more beautiful; it is a question of loving. What counts, wrote Renée de Tryon-Montalembert, is not the amount of suffering, it is the full dimension of love.

We therefore understand better what Anne de Guigné repeated: “We have many joys on earth, but they do not last. That which lasts, is to have made a sacrifice.”


1 The notion of sacrifice (from the Latin sacrum, sacred and facere, make) means: conferring a sacred character on an act or thought.

2 Hymn to the Blessed Virgin

Oh Mary, my good mother, lend me your son
for just one second, place him in my humble arms.
Oh Mary, give him to me, please, I desire your son.
Please give him to me .
Oh Mary, how I desire your son
Give him to me, give him to me
How happy I am now because
I have him with me.
Anne de Guigné – Fête du Rosaire 1919