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Anne de Guigné’s sayings and written notes

These sayings of Anne have been authentified by witnesses of her life. For those readers who may be embarassed by her childish expressions, they should read the article that Father Moullin f.c. wrote in the Revue du Rosaire in March 1968.

Anne’s sayings

“It’s burning too much; but dear Jesus, I offer it to you?” (Application of hot poultices at the age of 5)

“Oh Mummy, don’t be upset! Our beloved father is perfectly happy. He sees us, he loves us; and, one day we will go with him. I beg you, please don’t cry.” (November 1918.)

“To become better, I must make a sacrifice.”

“We have many joys on earth, but they don’t last; the one that lasts is to have made a sacrifice.”

“I understand very well that we suffer and are unhappy, but why worry, since God is there?” (Autumn 1921).

“How good it is, Mother, how happy I am! Dear Jesus told me that He loves me much more than I love Him.”

“You should ask your Guardian Angel; he will help you.” (Advice to her brother Jacques).


To the mother catechist who asked her: “Does Jesus say anything to you?” she hesitated out of humility before admitting: “Yes, Mother when I am really listening to Him, but not always.” And to the question: “And what does Jesus say to you ?” she answered: “He tells me that He really loves me.”

To her mother who asked her why she did not want to go on using her missal, she answered: “Because I know the prayers by heart and I often get distracted when saying them, whereas when I talk to dear Jesus I don’t get distracted at all. It’s like when you are talking to someone, you know what to say.” (December 1919).

Notes written by Anne

“Dear Jesus, I love you and in order to please you I make the resolution to obey always” (Note placed on the altar on the occasion of her first communion).

“It seems to me that dear Jesus has answered me in my heart. I was telling him that I wanted to be really obedient and it seemed to me that I heard Him say: Yes, do so.” (1917)

“I would like my heart to be as pure as a lily for Jesus.”


“I would like Jesus to live and grow in me. How can I achieve this?” (Notes during a retreat 1920).

“We can surely suffer for Jesus since He has suffered for us.”

On a picture of Calvary that she had made, Anne had written: “Standing by the Cross on which her Son was hanging, the suffering Mother was crying with resignation. Grant me the grace to cry with you.” She added: “Because Jesus is not loved enough.”


Lend Him to me, O Mary my dear Mother
Lend me your Son if only for a second
Place Him in my humble arms
Allow me, Mary
To kiss the feet of your dear Son
Who has given me so many graces.
How I desire, O Mary
To receive your Son in my arms,
Give Him to me, give Him to me!
How happy I am now
For I have Him with me!
(Hymn composed by Anne for communion)