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  • Anne01

    Anne as a little baby in her father’s arms (1911)

  • Anne04

    Anne in her mother’s arms (autumn 1911)

  • Anne07

    Anne aged two and a half (1913)

  • Anne10

    Open your heart, offer your hands; you will change the world (Hymn for Holy Year 1975)

  • Anne13

    Jacques, Magdeleine, Anne, Marie-Antoinette on Madame de Guigné’s lap (May 3rd 1915)

  • Anne16

    The little nurse aged four

  • Anne19

    Anne in her fifth year with her mother and her sister Magdeleine

  • Anne22

    Jacques, Magdeleine, Mlle Basset in the background, Anne, Marinette and the dog of the house

  • Anne25

    The four children on the steps in front of the Villa St. Benoît: Magdeleine and Marinette, Jacques and Anne

  • Anne28

    Little Anne in a natural pose!

  • Anne31

    Anne aged about six with Magdeleine and Jacques

  • Anne34

    Marinette, Jacques, Magdeleine and Anne

  • Anne37

    Anne and her little goat

  • Anne40

    Jacques, Magdeleine, Mlle Basset, Anne and Marinette who must have moved

  • Anne43

    The four children

  • Anne46

    Anne at the age of eight: “Holy Mary, Mother of God, may I keep a child-like heart,
    as pure and transparent as a spring of running water.” (Prayer of Father Léonce de Grandmaison s.j.)

  • Anne49

    Marie-Antoinette, Jacques, Magdeleine and Anne (September 1919)

  • Anne52

    Anne is almost nine. “Her eyes are of an astonishing purity. One reads in them a great goodness and a sort of contained joy, infinitely serene.” (Marie-Dominique Poinsenet – Sous la motion de l’Esprit)

  • Anne53

    “There is in their external aspect a sort of greatness and dignity which inspires reserve and respect It is a supernatural effect which results from their intense and familiar communication with God.
    (St. John of the Cross, Spiritual canticle B, stanza XVII)

  • Anne55

    Invited to a family wedding

  • Anne58

    Autumn 1921

  • Anne61

    Magdeleine, Marie-Antoinette, a relative and Anne

  • Anne64

    A last photo of Anne a few weeks before her death