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Presentation of the albums

1. The album of photos of Anne presents a wide choice of authentic photos which have only undergone minimal touching-up. The quality of the photos is variable, sometimes mediocre. Nevertheless, many seemed interesting to us for their simplicity and their charm.

2. The album of photos of places where Anne lived during the few years of her short life shows successively:

– The property of La Cour in Annecy-le-Vieux in Haute-Savoie where Anne spent the summer months. The château is not open for visits.

– Some views of Annecy-le-Vieux including the cemetery and family tomb where Anne is buried. Many people still come today to her tomb. The entrance to the cemetery is from the rue de Lachat, opposite the school Saint Anne. The tomb is at the end of the cemetery against the wall below a row of pine trees. A plaque mentions “Here lies the Venerable Anne de Guigné 1911-1922”.

– The property of Le Réray in the Bourbonnais, which is now a medico-educative institution.

– The Villa St. Benoît in Cannes. Since 2002 it has become one of the homes of the Missionary Family of Our Lady, founded in 1947 by Father Lucien-Marie Dorne (1914-2006) with Mother Marie-Augusta Bernard (1907-1963). One can visit the bedroom where Anne went up to Heaven and admire the exposition of souvenirs of her.

Famille Missionnaire de Notre-Dame
Villa St. Benoît
16 avenue Isola Bella
06400 CANNES

10 minutes walk from Cannes Station by the rue de Mimont in the direction of Super Cannes.

How to get the best out of the albums


Click on the menu of the album, the corresponding diaporama starts automatically. However, you do have the possibility of stopping the diaporama by clicking on the stop button in the middle of the image on the screen. This button is only visible if you place the mouse inside the photo. There are also two other buttons which appear to enable you to pass from one photo to the next at your own rhythm. Also, the fact of placing the mouse inside the image automatically stops the diaporama.