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After her death, a wave of testimonies flooded in and many have been recorded in the books written about her life, the list of which can be found elsewhere. It is impossible to make a significant selection amongst these testimonies as each one portrays a quality or an extraordinary spiritual richness or a desire to correct a shortcoming.

Those quoted below are only brief summaries of various anecdotes about this little girl’s life.

“When very small, before the age of four, obedience was very difficult for her. She used to resist violently. From the time of her conversion, however, she started to control herself and achieved unquestioning obedience which cost her a great deal.” (her mother).

“From the age of four until her death, her striving for perfection never faltered. There was nothing spectacular, no amazing facts but everything she did was inspired by the Holy Spirit and she put all her love into it.” (her mother).

“There was nothing extraordinary in her life, if it were not her perseverance in her efforts to become good. The secrets of her spiritual growth were prayer and willpower.” (Mademoiselle Basset–governess).


“It was God’s grace which accomplished everything and she followed the movement of this grace. The more she gave, the more God gave her in return and the more Anne gave again. It was a perpetual movement towards the increase of love.” (Mother Saint-Raymond).

“Anne had a love of God which cannot be expressed.” (a close friend).

“I asked her ‘Do you love God?’. She answered me with such intensity in her eyes and her whole body: ‘Father, I love Him with all my heart and soul!’ I have never forgotten the ardour of the love that she radiated.” (Father Jacquemont).


“It was she who taught me what loving God meant.” (Mademoiselle Basset–governess).

“It seemed to me that, if I had had a sin on my conscience, I could not have looked her in the eyes.” (an aunt).

“One sees God in her eyes.” (a nun).

“There is really something divine about her. I can no longer believe that there is no God!” cried a non-believer when taking part in a funeral service for a member of Anne’s family and seeing the radiance of her face after communion.

A nun asked Anne if she could offer up several hours of her suffering for a sick person. Anne replied “I would like to, but not today. The whole day has been organised with God, each hour.”

Two days before her death, she called her mother, brother and sisters to tell them that she could see her guardian angel “Come and see, oh come and see how beautiful he is!”

“You tell me laconically that litte Anne is dead. It is true that I spent, at the most, three hours with her. Well! I can assure you that I shall never forget the impression of extraordinary purity that this little girl left with me.” (Letter from Jeanne Voillaume to her cousin Hélène de Cornulier – February 1922).