Official website of the Anne Guigné’s Friends Association


91 quai d'Orsay 75007 PARIS

Tél : 06 62 56 21 87


In conformity with the statutes deposited at the Paris Préfecture, the aims and main activity of the association Anne de Guigné’s Friends is to conserve and perpetuate the souvenir of Anne de Guigné and to make her life known in order to help families and educators to favourise the moral and spiritual growth of children. It seeks, moreover, to encourage prayers by Anne’s intercession in order to add miracles to the file deposited in Rome in preparation for her beatification.

To respond to these aims, the association edits a newsletter three times a year for its members. It has produced a video (DVD) on the life of Anne de Guigné and on the example that she is for the children of today. The association also collects all the testimonies from people who have received Graces through Anne’s intercession and transmits them to the Postulator of the cause. It also carries on a considerable correspondance with people (especially in America) who know or have discovered Anne through books or booklets already translated into various languages. It also tries to give information, documentation and images to those who ask.


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