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2011 Centenary of Anne's birth

During the year 2011, several manifestations took place to celebrate the centenary of Anne de Guigné’s birth; The most important was the symposium which was held in Paris from January 14th to 16th 2011: the Anne de Guigné Days. This was organised jointly by the Associations Anne de Guigné’s Friends and Childhood and Saintliness. Cardinal Paul Poupard, who has been interested in Anne de Guigné’s Cause for a long time, was present and celebrated the closing mass.

The Acts of this symposium will be published soon. We shall of course keep you informed.

A symposium took place in the Bon Conseil Church in Paris (7th district) on January 14th, 15th and 16th 2011 to celebrate the centenary of the Venerable Anne de Guigné. The aim of this manifestation was to show how children could, by following Anne de Guigné’s example, become saints. On this occasion, Father Guilmard, Vice President of Enfance et Sainteté and monk at Solesmes, recalled for us Anne’s life and the example she left for children as well as adults.

Honorary President of the Pontifical Cultural Council and of the Pontifical Council for inter religious dialogue.