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2015 Centenary of the death of Captain de Guigné

jacques-de-guigne-1883-1915On July 22nd 1915, Captain Jacques de Guigné fell on the field of honour at the head of his chasseurs of the 1st company of the 114th BCA, during the attack on the Barrenkopf, near the Crête du Linge in Alsace. This brutal death plunged his wife Antoinette and their four children into mourning. On the eve of the attack, the officer, moved by a premonition of his impending death, had scribbled hastily on a military card, an affectionate message for his family : “I bless Anne, Jacques, Magdeleine and Marie-Antoinette.” His sacrifice was to be the origin of the “conversion” of his elder daughter, Anne, then only four years and three months old.

In the following articles, we would like to honour the memory of this great christian and evoke the “conversion” of his elder daughter, which was the starting point of her spiritual ascension to the summits.

Website on the fighting in 1915 in Haute-Alsace: Linge Memorial.

Marie-Dominique Poinsenet (in religion Sœur Marie de la Nativité, o.p.), author of numerous works on religious themes and lives of saints, wrote in 1977, a biography of Anne de Guigné, published by Éditions Saint-Paul. We produce here Chapter 2 entitled “If you wish…”.

Jacques de Guigné has left the memory of “a man with a rare nobility of sentiments, and a generosity which equalled his true humility.” He formed “with Antoinette de Charette, his young wife, during the very few years which they spent together, the most radiant of couples, united by a love of a rare quality with an element, unusual for that time, of spontaneity and freshness.” (Renée de Tryon-Montalembert – Anne de Guigné : enfance et sainteté, Éd. Saint-Paul, 1989).