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2017 Centenary of first communion and confirmation

image-première-communionOn March 26th 1917, Anne de Guigné made her first communion, a decisive step in her ascension towards perfection. Even before the painful event of her father’s death, she used to ask her mother to talk to her about her first communion. Madame de Guigné wrote on June 28th 1915: “I am astonished by her intelligence: she talks to me a lot about her first communion, and, above all, she asks me to talk to her about it. Her answers often surprise me and I am going to buy her a little catechism that I will help her to learn very gently.”

After the death of her daughter, her mother wrote: “The first communion itself, marked a second step: from then onwards, I could only see a regular and uninterrupted ascension…”

Father Lajeunie, in a letter on January 29th 1955, added these precisions: “This was a period of continuous evolution from the less perfect to the most perfect; a phase where divine Love revealed itself to the child’s heart; a phase also of active devotion for the conversion of sinners, for the poor and unhappy, for her little brother and sisters.”

Anne de Guigné made her first communion a few years after St. Pius X’s decree Quam Singulari (August 8th 1910) favourising the early communion of children. He, himself, had had to wait until he was 12 to make his first communion. The heroic virtues of little Anne are some of the fruits of this decree.

Two weeks after her first communion, April 10th 1917, on Easter Tuesday, Anne received the sacrament of confirmation from the hands of Mgr Henri-Louis Chapon, who was then bishop of Nice. She received this sacrament at a very early age, not because of a derogation but because in those days it was the custom to give confirmation soon before or after the first communion.